Uganda Safaris


While in the capital city of Uganda it is so hard to recognize that Uganda is one of the blessed countries in the world. Its wondrous beauties and flourishing attractions make it the ultimate country for tourists to check out for great and long lasting memories.Gorgeous wildlife, mountains, waterfalls, river flows, lakes, valleys, various cultures, and hot springs are a must-see for travellers. Even when making an impact through the projects we do and the smiles we get to see we sometimes forget the amazing countryside that so many tourists experience. A country we sometimes fail to appreciate.

The freedom that goes around in this country is something worth experiencing in full package our diverse tribes and cultures All through the country that have different norms and values are also what makes Uganda a country worth a visit. It exposes all the cultural value and has an African touch that needs to be seen at most once in a life time.

The pearl of Africa has diverse ecosystems and wildlife. We have ten national parks and natural reserves where gmmuch of our flora fauna and Avi- fauna can be seen, which protect them and aid in maintaining their ecosystems. Not only is Uganda a home to the big five and various wild animals it also has a variety of superb bird species that includes birds like: ostriches, grebes, shear waters and petrels, cormorants, dartes pelicans bitterns, herons and egrets hammer Kop, Shoebill, ibises and spoon bills, storks flamingos, ducks, geese and swans, osprey, hawks, kites and eagles, guinea fowl, cranes plovers and lapwings among many more others. Our unique mountains and the great plant Cover they display. Our most famous mountain is Mt.Rwenzori the snow cape mountain, named as wonders of nature, but there’s more. Mt.Elgon p1also holds beautiful caves, one of the most astonishing cave systems in the world. Our country is full of history and a lot of it has come from the earth, we are one of the world’s most colorful countries. Our flag and our people are not the only reason we should be called “the pearl of Africa. Our sunsets far from the urban are really magnificent.