Semuliki National Park


Semliki National Park is mainly located in one of Uganda’s district specifically Bundibugyo district sempayawhich is part of the western region of the country. It is situated in the far west of fort portal district. Sempaya hot springs is one of the parks owned natural wonders. I term these springs as” wonders “simply because they are a rare case and more so the fact that they are sub divided that’s the female spring locally known as Nyansimbi and the male spring locally known as Bitente. When you take a visit to the semuliki national park of Uganda tour will surely have gorgeous views of the springs both the female and the male spring. These are amazingly great with the different histories that they carry. The springs aside, semuliki national park has more encounters that will entice you to choose on it as your destination during your safaris in Uganda. Take a tour around and more so engage in the various activities that are available and include the nature walks in the forest. This activity will ensure exploration of the forest and allow you a glance of the various vegetation types that are in this specific destination. Game drives in the park that are conducted three sessions a day that’s the morning session afternoon and evening will make you have a view of the animals mostly the smaller forest and larger savannah elephants are seen on a regular basis, buffalos, water backs, crocodiles, warthogs, Uganda kob.some other animals are not a sure see but in case you are lucky you will also have a view of the leopards, elusive bushbabies, pygmy hippopotami and many more wildlife is harbored in this reserve. Switching to the cultural encounters you can choose to interact with four cultures in this destination, you will surely be able to interact with the Batwa, Bamba, Bakonzo, and Basongora.All these you will be able to explore their various ways of life. Guided hikes in the forest bye the Batwa people themselves as they carry themselves to each and every activity that include cooking, caring for their young ones farming, they could also take you through the various cultural practices and encounters that they engage in.