Queen Elizabeth National Park


Queen Elizabeth is sized 1978km its known to have diverse vegetation and the ideal habitat for thekazinga classic big game .The climbing lions in the park are said to be the most amazing creatures in Ishashsa sector. They are prity unique at what they do and rare for that matter.QENP is one of the oldest national parks and most popular destination for tourists. Its best time for visiting is all year round though the dry season that runs from (June-august) and (Jan-Feb) will allow you to view the game with less difficulty. The tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park are yet some animals to check out because of their uniqueness from all the rest .So while in queen Elizabeth national park and assumbly you are being cheesed by a lion, please endeavor not to choose on climbing atree as your saving breath because lions in queen Elizabeth will get you up that tree. There are a lot more great sightings in Queen Elizabeth you will be able to sight creatures like the elephants, leopards ,buffalo, and, antelopes species that include the Uganda kob ,topi, sitatunga.More animals in the park that are breath taking for example the  crocodiles and hippos in the kazinga channel. Queen Elizabeth is large and has different sectors that allow you different views of flora and fauna various wildlife and the ideal habitat for the big game. This park brings you 600 bird species for viewing since it’s a reliable destination for birding all year round where you will see birds like the elusive shoebill stork, collared pratin Cole, swampy flycatcher, palm-nut vulture, pels fishing owl and many more. It has some other natural beauties to sight for example ten primate species, are found in this park and it includes chimps, black and white colobus monkeys, aside from animals, it has great lake views of L.Albert and L.George plus 10 crater lakes at this destination and scenic points of Rwenzori mountains.so you should choose on queen Elizabeth national park as your destination to keep mesmerizing memory.