Murchison Falls National Park


The falls as the top most and most enthusiastic attraction in Murchison falls national park is murchison-falls-boat-rideaccompanied by the superefficient images of the wildlife walking around freely and mostly move in large groups at certain hours of the day the various wildlife include the families of elephant’s, hippos, baboons, warthogs, buffalos and a lot more that would earn a tourist the ultimate experience. This destination takes you from wishing and brings you to the real experience then shows you truly why it’s known as the world’s most known waterfall”. A visit to Budongo forest will assure you of more to see in Murchison falls national park and more so allow you a nature walk in the forest as you enjoy the breeze and the rare tree species plus the oldest trees that have ever lived in east Africa. This park if chosen as your destination there are many captivating activities that the tourist will engage in among which is the breath taking launch trips, adventurous hiking, biking, birding, nature walks, game drives, sport fishing, and cultural adventures .going into detail to throw more light on the activities, the thrilling sport fishing in this park is done down the Nile at the banks of the Nile and permitted with prior booking from UWA. With your fishing equipment and a permit from UWA .over 200perches this experience will earn you a great memory. Camping its self in Murchison will permit more time of spending in the wild to feel the singing bird whistles roars in the forest and the aroma from the natural species in the forest. Camping accompanied with nature walks in the forest you will feel like you are reaching your satisfaction level the scenic views you will have while there will leave you mesmerized and yearning for more sightseeing. The cultural encounters of the Banyoro people in and around this park will show you how they live and some of their traditional attributes for example their traditional dances and hearing them speak their local language will expose you to familiarize with people in this area. This park also offers accommodation that is evidenced by the various hotels that are in the park which include Paara safari lodge, Red chili, Sambiya river lodge, the Nile safari tented camp and campsites in the park these offer great services and bring to appreciation of the profound exploration.