Mt Rwenzori National Park

About the Park.

This park is situated in the western part of Uganda near kasese along the Uganda-Congo boarder, known as the mystical challenge. Mount Rwenzori from which the park derives its name is fascinating and has a lot of history behind it that the guides share during the hike. Mountain hikers are presented Mt.Rwenzori national park as the ultimate world class hiking destination at which they should be during their trip to Uganda. Here you are going to have the majestic scenery that is going to leavemap you over whelmed with the best of memories and lots of tales to tell, pictures of the world’s rare rest vegetation. This park also has Africa’s highest mountain range and anciently the ranges are referred to as ‘mountains of the moon’.

Accessibility of the park

From Kampala you will be able to access the park through fort portal road the journey is approximately 375km.You could also alternatively use the Mbarara and Queen Elizabeth route though it takes up a few more km since the whole journey through this route is 450km.

Attractions in the park

The Rwenzoris has various attractions top most being the snow caped ranges, there are large mammals that tend to take home in the lower slopes of the mountain. You will sight the Elephants, Buffalos, Giant forest hogs, Bush bucks, Chimpanzees, Leopards that are on a rare see. Bird life is also a must see while in the mountains of the moon which is known to have approximately 217 bird species among which you will find several albertine rift endemics for example the Rwenzori turaco,rwenzori batis,barned log tailed cuckoo,rwenzori batis and many more. There are also various vegetation typesrv that are eye catching that include the montane forest, bamboo tree heathers and afro alpine. The hills themselves expose you to a fantastic land scape since they are captivating and worth the sight.

Activities that can be engaged in while at the Park.

Mountain climbing or peak climbingmtr is one of the activities that one could engage in while at Mount.Rwenzori national park. The climb is recommended for serious hikers since it is considered a tough one at whatever level of the climb.

Nature walks are also activities that can be engaged in at the park .these take place within the central circuit zone and include trails up to the Lake Mahooma and Buraro chimp forest. Where you will have sight of the rare vegetation types that this park has and also great pictorial views.

Birding is also carried out in this destination and the greatest opportunity of sighting many bird species is when in the montane forest.

Cultural encounters where you will get to familiarize with the Bakonzo people you will visit the villages you can go to Ruboni community camp where the locals are peaceful and welcoming you will be able to see the different demonstrations of the Bakonzo people including their local dances that will be accompanied by lively drumming that sounds vibrant.visit the mountains of the moon to get a great test of the world class mountaineering and hiking in this particular destination.