Mt Elgon National Park


A journey to the eastern part of Uganda is adventurously rewarding for a traveller. Straight from the start of the journey to the east you will have a lot to see on your way that will include the various attractions people and their ways of life. The route from Kampala to the eastern side through jinja it is a sure deal that you will see the source of the Nile gorgeous activities to engage in for example water rafting, bungee jumping, cultural encounters while taking pictures you will realize the beautiful views also bring out great photage for great memories of what is harbored in the eastern part the land of the wise men. This journey allows you various old sceneries, here you will be able to see the park referred to as the world’s largest caldera has a lot to offer the surrounding magnificent flora and fauna it has wondrous caves that are also worth checking out. Not leaving out the various cascading waterfalls that include the Sipi falls that flow magnificently and said to flow 100 meters deep down. The hills and the valleys ,the cornering roads at some point of your journey is really not as flat as expected it makes you get the African feel and the cultural huts around. You will have encounters with the Sebei people and a visit to the Sebei cultural Centre where you will familiar with their culture and interact with the local people as well.

Mount Elgon national park is flourishing and warms you up because it is surrounded by forests and considered one of the oldest volcanic mountains in Africa. There are various mammals and birds in this national park that can be viewed at close distances .there are various activities that are to be engaged in for one to have a total blast out of the experience this includes .a climb up to wagagai peak, and the caldera, the excellent caves behind the falls are also worth checking out with an amazing climate since it feels cozy in the caves. There are various animals birds species in the caves and so other animals can be viewed in the distance .visit the land of the wise men to know and see much more that will over whelm you at full lengths.