Mgahinga National Park

Mgahinga national park is the smallest of all Uganda’s national parks .It is part and partial of the virunga region .This parks name was derived from the Kinyarwanda word ‘Gahinga’ggg that fully means a pile of volcanic lava stone that  heaps and facilitates farming/cultivation in the area. The mountainous landscape has led to cool temperatures in the park and thus all the activities can be peacefully engaged in with no worries of unfavorable temperatures.

How to get to the park.

When travelling to this destination from Kampala you will take the Masaka –Mbarara- kabale route, then kabale to kisosro which will be all an amazing travel as you view the different land scape and the vegetation types with the smooth tarmac with Sharpe corners that make the road another attraction, all through the way you are going to enjoy the scenic views the hospitable people and more so nature as it is exposed unto you.

What you will find in the park area.

In mgahinga you are going to be able to see the special species of the park which is the rare golden monkeys thus facilitating the golden monkey trek that can take place in mgahinga at 100 dollars, the monkeys tend to be in the bamboo forests close to where the mountain gorillas are .These monkeys can earn you a great experience where you will see them play around since they have a jolly character and tend to move quick. The mountain gorillas are another special mammal that you are to find in Mgahinga national park. One group of the many groups of gorillas in Uganda is harbored in this park namely the Nyakagezi group. There are various species of the park that are recorded in Mgahinga national park bird species and other animal species that are worth the tourist’s visit. The natural vegetation is also an attraction that is mostly in the interest of any one that is a nature lover. Various other tourism activities like the communities around the park here mainly the Batwa people will be able to take you through their culture and   their daily way of atour to mgahinga national park so as to witness why it is known as the destination ”where gold meets silver”.