Lake Mburo National Park

Whispers of the world is what this park is described as precisely because of the fact that it is Uganda’s smallest park most beautiful of them all and blessed with a lot of attractions the various small lakes,300 recorded bird species among which you will find the shoe bill, yellow warbler,papyrus,saddle bill stork, African fin foot, brown chested wattled plover,carrutters cisticola,tabora cisticola,great snipe, Abyssinian ground horn bill and white winged warbler., wildlife that includes Buffalos,elands,impala,elephants,lions,zebras,warthogs,hippos,heyna,topi,reed buck,oribi,defassa water buck, and many more. Deep valleys rolling hills and the woodland vegetation. This beautiful destination is found en route to the Albertine rift and offers a great way to view the wildlife and it is small enough to be covered in a day.hb

You can always be early to be on the Masaka-Mbarara high way in case of interest to engage in the one day tour to Lake Mburo national park in association with gecko safaris we are always ready to meet your expectations in your safaris and ensure that you derive satisfaction from the choice of destination you have made for your safari. Views of beautiful sceneries will be seen on along the way inclusive of great and hospitable African people that are welcoming the journey will take you 3hours with interaction with the driver guides questions in case of some. You may make a stop at the equator to take some pictures and maybe visit the craft and head straight to the park. While there you can begin with the amazing game drive that is going to allow you a view of various antelopes ,the wood land vegetation in the destination you will spend some time to cover some good part of the park. Then on head for a boat cruise that will offer you the aquatic wildlife in Lake Mburo national park you will see the crocodiles,iii hipposhi plus the aquatic bird species. Take pictures as you enjoy what the safari has to offer as it still lusts. Lunch can follow the previous activities and you can also an hours horseback riding there after drive out of the park using a different route to cover it assumption that it will be evening you will drive straight to Kampala and that will mark the end of your journey. This one day tour to the whispers of the wild will make you realize how beautiful and blessed this small park is.