Kidepo Valley National Park

mar3kidepo valley national park described as the true African wilderness because of what tourism attractions it has to offer the half large sand rivers, dry mountain forests, wildlife. This Park of all Uganda parks is situated in the northern part of the country where one can be able to have the different amazing true African encounters. Park is less visited and at that it has the environment that will allow you full exploration where the visitors experience is vital, where you can have different sightings that will go past your expectations. Visit to this park will allow you engagement in various activities inclusive of which are game drives in the park specifically at the Narus valley and is exciting any timek. of the visit where most of the parks game coverage can be sighted creating you a fantastic view of the game in kidepo valley national park. The Morongole Mountain range is a must view while at this destination plus the game that tends to roam around. You will see the elephants, leopards ,bush duiker jackal ,bush buck, buffalos, bulbul, zebras, reedbucks.Community walks are also what some one would engage in during their visit to kidepo valley national park you will know about the karamajong lifestyle their dances the tools that they use during their day to day life. Bird watching is also engaged in either in the morning or the afternoon hours most fascinating during the dry season have a view of the various bird species that are around the area so as to enjoy the wilderness experience.

If you ever want to share the environment with the wild there is no place as wild and natural and less tampered with as kidepo valley national park .At Apoka camp you will be able to feel the true African wilderness. Less stress more adventure.