Gorilla Safaris


Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga national parks are the only two that harbor the mountain gorillas in Uganda, they are most famous for mainly those apes since most visitors that come to these parks never miss on the magnificent activity which is gorilla trekking .bwindi impenetrable is a huge park in Uganda that has sectors mainly buhoma, nkuringo, ruhija, rushaga.these different sectors of the park have gorilla families that can be trekked in those particular areas. There are 12 habituated gorilla groups in Uganda .One of the 12 which is known as the Nyakagezi group is found in Mgahinga national park it comprises of 9memebers among which 3 are silverbacks. Trekking this gorilla family a times may seem hard since the group has a record of migrating from Uganda and crosses the boarder to Rwanda hence it may not qualify among the must see gorilla families in Uganda.

Most of the habituated gorilla families can easily be trekked in Bwindi impenetrable forest families that are habituated for trekking in this park include these below.

Rushegura group. This group comprises of 20 members led by 1 silverback.It is mainly found in Buhoma sector of Bwindi Impenetrable. Among the members you will find names like,Mwirima who is the dominant silver back ,Kabukojo, kirinvi,kibandebuziza ,Nyamunwa,Karungyi, karembezi ,Ruterana, Nyampazi , kafururka,kibande ,kanywanyi,katabazi.This family broke off from the Habinyanja family to form its own group and yet regardless of the history the two families still live peacefully.

Habinyanja is also another gorilla family that is found in Buhoma sector and has member number of 20 comprising of 2 silverbacks. This group can also be called group Hgf1

Mubare group which is also known as group M .This turns out to be the smallest group with 6 members and can be trekked in buhoma sector of the park.

Oruzogo gorilla group can be found in buhoma and ruhija it’s been habituated for trekking of recent .it has 16members and with one dominant silver back named tibirikwata.

Bitukura group which is found in Ruhija sector of the park. This group is the most recently habituated group and it turns out to be gorgeous and attractive since it has 4silverbacks and it is led by the second youngest silverback named Ndahura.

Mishaya group is yet another gorilla family in bwindi impenetrable park comprising of 12members with 1 silver back amongst the members. Can be trekked in Nshongi or Rushaga part of the park. This group’s leader Mishaya is said to have left the Nshongi group with some other 9 members and thus forming their own group known as mishaya group.

Nkuringo has 18members in total, 2silverbacks and is situated in Nkuringo sector.

Nshongi .this is the largest of all the groups and comprises of 25members two silverbacks and is located in Nshongi named after its destination where the gorillas are situated.

Kahungye is also a habituated gorilla group has 13 members and is located in rushaga area of bwindi.it has three silverbacks and are the only named gorillas the dominate one being rumansi and the other two are called Rwigi and Ruhamuka.

Busingye gorilla group is also habituated and known to have broken off from kahungye group and now lives as a group on its own and characterized by peace. And found in Rushaga area of bwindi.

Bwera.This gorilla group has 7 members and is the second smallest and has 1 silverback. These gorilla groups are the enablers of the gorilla trekking activity in Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable national park since peoples interest of trekking the mountain gorillas is fulfilled when you ought to come to Uganda and then enable tourist satisfaction.