Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

gbAbout Bwindi Impenetrable.

Bwindi impenetrable is Uganda’s oldest forest that is located at the edge of the rift valley in the south western part of Uganda, it is sized 331 sq. km.The forest is divided into four sectors namely Buhoma, Nkuringo,Ruhija and Rushaga.This destination is described as the ultimate gorilla experience since it harbors almost half of the world’s mountain gorillas.

There are many gorilla families that are habituated and are ready to be visited by the tourists that make tours to Bwindi impenetrable forest. 120 mammal species are also hosted in the forest ,you will also be able to sight bird species since the forest has 350 recorded species of birds among which are short tailed wablers,blue-headed sun bird, African emerald cuckoo, common bulbul, African blue and white tailed ,blue flycatchers red headed bluebill among others.200 colorful butterfly species.

How to get to the park.

By road transport the park can be accessed through different directions since it has different sectors. From Kampala city you could use the kampala-kabale-kanungu-buhoma side of the park the journey will take you 6-7hrs since it’s approximately 460km.In case you want to get to the Nkuringo side you can use the Kampala- kabale- Nkuringo route which will take you the very same hours.

Tourist activities in Bwindi.

Various rewarding tourist activities are carried out in bwindi impenetrable forest among which you will find the obvious which is gorilla trekking the habituated gorilla families are circulated all over the parks sectors. The activity can a times be challenging and strenuous so it needs people that are fit and adventurous.

 Nature walks are also carried out and it is a captivating activity when following the various trails in the park namely: Munyanga river trail, Water fall trail, Rushura hill trail, Muzabajiro loop, River Ivi trail.

There is also a mountain bikinbyg and cultural encounter where you will learn about the local bakiga and the batwa people get to see the black smith, community walks among the locals to see their ways of life their vibrant dances and you could also visit the craft shops.

Accommodation in and around Bwindi.

There are very many accommodation facilities and campsites in Bwindi ranging from the high end to the low end. Mahogany springs camp, Lake Kitandara bwindi camp, gorilla forest camp, trackers safari lodge, sanctuary gorilla forest camp and many more.

Make sure to make a trip to bwindi impenetrable forest so as to secure yourself an opportunity to trek the amazing gorillas that act so closely to the way the humans act thus they are considered our closest cousins.