About us

Camping safaris in Uganda ushers you to rewarding experiences that make you feel like you are participating in the real or true African adventures. While in the wild ,one is  close to the local surroundings, but still have all the services required while on a camping safaris among which is the  safari drivers to take you around, guides that will feed you will all the safari information that you will need, and a chef to take care of all your needs feeding wise through preparing your delicious fresh foods for breakfast, Lunch and dinner.As the sun beautifully lays  down ,our clients always have their tents assembled for them every single  evening and collapsed again in the morning by our team, and after the nights use,the tents are packed away and stored on the vehicle, for use again the following evening.

Every National Park in Uganda has something outstanding to offer to our adventurous campers.Uganda is a destination that is most favorable for the  search of the Big 5  thus (Lions, Leopard, Rhinos, Elephants, and Buffalo) and its also a rich primate destination.While here you will have fascinating views of primates like the Gaint gorillas ,Chimpanzees,Baboons,Black and White Colobus Monkeys,Blue Monkeys,De Brazza’s Monkeys,L’Hoest’s Monkeys,Patas Monkey,Red Colobus Monkeys,Red Tailed Monkey among other primates.

You will also get to see a variety of different plain’s game, vegetation and bird species. The vast plains of Kidepo to endless sandy white beaches in Ssese islands, the lumbering Rhino and Shoe-bill at Ziwa Rhino and then the elusive leopards in Murchison falls national park, adventurous Uganda Camping Safari while camping under African skies – whatever you choose we promise an incredible experience.

At the end of the day there is always a good atmosphere and an excited buzz around the dinning structures as everybody is swapping stories of lion pulling down a kob or leopards with cubs in a certain tree, however due to the nature and purpose for visiting the pearl of Africa most backpackers do stick to a bush code etiquette and retire relatively early, letting the night sounds that you have come to experience smudge out the loan distant snorer.