9 days Rwanda-Uganda gorilla expedition


Familiarize and interact with the gorillas all in time and in different destinations and at most in different places. This expedition is going to enable you to explore the apes fully since the double trekking in both countries will at least insure that you interact with two groups or families of gorillas in both countries.

Day 1 .A pick from kanombe airport –city tour-kinigi

Being picked from kanombe airport in Kigali, in assumption that you have arrived in the morning hours you will then meet a gecko safaris representative to take you through the city Centre Kigali that has a clean and soothing environment to offer .The people are just the hospitality type that you need to engage with. You will drive through the clean airport road to Kigali city. You will do a city tour where you will be able to visit some memorial sites you will specifically go to Kigali genocide memorial in Gisozi which is 10 mints drive to town. While there you can choose to have a guided experience by one of the staff or you could alternatively purchase a KGM digital guide which provides an audio visual tour. You will then head on for a lunch meal. Drive to Kinigi which is a 2hrs and 21mints drive that’s 109.3km.dinner and overnight at La Palme hotel, Kinigi guest house.

Day 2. Trekking Volcanoes

You will awaken early enough so as to head to volcanoes national park  to trek the mountain gorillas in this part of the world .having taken breakfast with parked lunch and drinking water that will be provided by the driver guide you will proceed to the headquarters .It will be cozy while heading to the start point you will be provided with a cup of coffee to warm you up, a traditional dance from the Banyarwanda,briefing and then head to the forest to start the search of the amazing primates. Interact with them and explore their different behavior. There after you will head for certificate awarding and then drive back to the hotel for dinner and awash up.

Day 3. gorilla trekkinggor

This will be yet another day for you to view the mountain gorillas in Rwanda though this time you will trek a different group from the many that are in volcanoes national park .you will follow the previous day’s routine to re- do the encounter you will take several pictures of the creatures in the forest. There after you can head for a stretch around kinigi to pass through the local people and know how they live their daily life, and then proceed to the hotel for a meal and a day’s rest.

Day 4 .Transfer to kisoro and community walk

Transfer from Kigali to Uganda by road transport so as to be seeing various attractions on the way. You will have a rest in kisoro town then have a local tour pass through the Bafumbira people. Have lunch and check into the hotels booked at for freshening, dinner and a rest for the next day’s trek.

Day 5.Golden monkeys Mgahingayy

You will wake up early in the morning have breakfast and packed lunch plus drinking water to proceed for your days activity which will be trekking golden monkeys in Mgahinga national park. You will search through the bamboo forests in Mgahinga for the rare golden monkeys that you will find in this park particularly all around Uganda. While searching you will have a magnificent view of the spectacular vegetation all around plus the scenery tend to hind up the hills that’s precisely why the activity will seem strenuous but the end result will surely be worth the strain. There after you will head back to the hotel freshen up stretch then dinner and overnight sleep.

Day 6.Trekking gorillas in Bwindi

This day will take you yet to another beautiful trek where you will be in a different destination which in this case will be bwindi impenetrable park where you will trek a group of gorillas in Uganda that will create you a great experience. The apes tend to hide up the hill that’s precisely why the activity will seem strenuous but the end result will surely be worth the strain. There after you will head back to the hotel freshen up stretch then dinner and overnight sleep.

Day 7.Transfer to kabale-Lake Bunyonyiooo

When the sun rises you will be able to see the very last day of your gorilla encounters since you will have seen three different gorilla groups that will have exposed you to their different ways of life that include the feeding playing parenthood and how they associate with the people all around them. Have breakfast and the driver will pick your bags pack them up into the car and then head for the road .you will make a stopover in Kabale where you will visit Lake Bunyonyi and enjoy the lake environment. This day will allow you relaxation at the lake side, community interactions a swim to stretch up have lunch dinner and asleep at Bunyonyi overland or any other lodging of your choice in line with the quoted accommodation prices.

Day 8 .Transfer to Kampala city.

Wake up early to head for Kampala city as you will have visited two destinations and had a thorough gorilla expedition in Uganda and Rwanda. You will see a lot on your way to Kampala a stop in Mbarara or the equator for lunch ,then head on straight to the city .dinner and accommodation at Serena Kampala hotel.

Day 9.City tour-transfer to the airport.

The following day after having your morning meal you can either decide on a city tour or drive straight to Entebbe international airport to beat the traffic in Kampala and head on a flight to your next destination. This will mark the end of your tour to the two gorgeous countries in east Africa.


All fees inclusive in the quoted prices


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