3 day hiking mount. Rwenzori


Embark on a three days trip that is going to allow you a full stretch up and engagement in the most strenuous seven to six hours that will bring gorgeous view closer to you and will make you smile the strain off and only remember what an amazing hiking trip you hard at the Mountain Rwenzori.kh

 Day 1: Transfer to Fort Portal.aa

Drive to Fort Portal from Kampala – about 4 hours plus check into the hotel of your choice getting ready for your Rwenzori Mountains hike. You will have lunch. Then take on a visit to the Amabere caves an attraction with a lot of background and great beauty. You can go ahead visit the fall and the craters that are in there after you afternoon adventures you can then go back to the hotel to freshen up and dinner and a nights rest

Day 2: Rwenzori Mountains of the Moon.

rwStart early and drive to the Kazingo UWA Trailhead where guides will take you over Bamba.Make sure to have these because you will need them, daypack, walking stick, water, packed lunch, snacks, a hiking Stick. You will move up through villages, forests including Bamboo forests, see primates, birds such as the Rwenzori Turaco, Your will have arest to take your  lunch accompanied with beautiful views while on the hike that is likely to take approximately 7 to 8 hours and is surely strenuous. At the end of the trail you will descend down to Bundibugyo where you will get lodging, dinner and a sleep over.

 Day 3: Visit Semliki hot springs back to Kampala:

You will wake up to nice breakfast treat then head to Semuliki where you will hike to the Sempaya hot springs it the hike is likely to take u three good hours you will take pictures of your memories and keep record  then be on the road to find a great restaurant for lunch and head for the city.

  • This tour package will include accommodation, meals, drinking water, and transportation on ground, driver guide, and park payments.
  • It excludes the all that is not on agreement as per the costing of the tour.



We wish you the greatest of fun during your three days hiking tour.