Uganda Camping Safaris

Camping Safaris Uganda is the most economic form of safari that is possible on the safari circuit. Others call it budget but we believe this can be misleading as you pretty much have everything that one could possibly need for a safari into Uganda the pearl of Africa jungles. We regularly receive feedback from guests that they were surprised to be able to enjoy such high levels of service and care, and that the experience was a great deal more comfortable than they anticipated! In the camping safari, tents, mattresses, sleeping bags, chairs, tables, cooking wear and other camping equipment are provided by Uganda Camping Safaris. more about camping safaris>>



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Travel Inspirations

  • Camp along.
    Camp along.
    Enjoy more and more camping environments as you taken in the naturally built sceneries with great enthusiasm and association with nature.
  • Beautiful scenery
    Beautiful scenery
    The awesome land scapes that you will view during your camping safaris will make the tour even more exploratory in accompaniment of the other attractions that you will be able to view during the amazing camping safaris.
  • Camp fires.
    Camp fires.
    Be one of the joyous campers that will fire up the good times so as to make their camping times merry and full of the bright memories as you chill in the wild just to have the great test of nature.
  • scenic walk..
    scenic walk..
    beauty of the nature walk.
  • Beautiful Overlooks
    Beautiful Overlooks
    Try camping as you test the feel of the camping grounds that overlook the amazing water bodies in the area.
  • Cultural dance
    Cultural dance
    ''Gorgeous'' is how best to describe the people dress up to do their local dances.They portray real tradition and love tier origin.So Ugandans value who they truly are. of how people value
  • The kazinga channel
    The kazinga channel
    Located in Queen Elizabeth national park, while on the boat cruising along this channel, you will be exposed to a variety of aquatic wildlife and a lot more gracious animals will be viewed on the banks as they feed and drink water from the channel.
  • The big five
    The big five
    Have you heard of the big five?Do you ever wondered why the elephant is one of the big five?do you know the rest of the big five ,if yes come to Uganda's tourism destinations to check out the big five game and the different tales that go along with these mesmerizing creatures.
  • Fascinating Hot Spring waters.
    Fascinating Hot Spring waters.
    Take on the opportunity to view water with temperatures that are substantially higher than those of water that's when you take on a camping safari in Uganda particularly in Semliki game reserve.
  • Gorilla families.
    Gorilla families.
    While on your camping safaris choose on visiting the enchanting mountain gorillas.Camping in the virunga region will allow you exploration of the different gorilla families that are haboured in Uganda's Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.They create great enthusiasm on seeing how they relate with each other and engage in their day to day activities as a family.
  • adventurous activities.
    adventurous activities.
    camping along the Nile will bring you a variety of adventurous activities among which you won't miss water rafting, best enjoyed when in a group where you take on the risky activities but the great experience earned from them will make them worth a try so as to earn your self great memories while on your camping safaris.
  • The spectacular hike up
    The spectacular hike up
    Take the walk that will expose all the natural beauty right at you as enjoy you enjoy your tour.
  • Mgahinga Golden Monkeys
    Mgahinga Golden Monkeys
    These wonderfully made creatures will surely bridge great happiness on sight of them as they swing around and pose .
  • Exclusive accommodation
    Exclusive accommodation
    Share the same environment with the amazing wildlife and earn yourself a natural and great scenery when you make choice of engaging in a camping safaris to any of the many national parks in Uganda.
  • Beyond what is around you
    Beyond what is around you
    The opportunity for you to experience a another life from the usual is here where you wake to a routine full off wonders that are the only available guest to interact with.
  • Bird species.
    Bird species.
    Uganda is your destination for the birding experience that you need so as to ensure satisfaction of a birder. While here you will be able to view very many bird species that are of different character in the various ways that they exhibit themselves.
  • Family camp time...
    Family camp time...
    Let your moment of joy be shared with your loved ones.A camping safaris is there to allow you the freedom to share the true feeling of nature as you embrace togetherness in the family.
  • Traditional flow
    Traditional flow
    Culture in Uganda is still diverse and of high value since in some places down rural people value and respect their cultural norms and beliefs.



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